Meditation in Daily Life Series


Begins May 30, 5:30-7pm

Join us for an 8 week series on building a mindfulness meditation practice in daily life. Sit with others in community, explore techniques for mental and emotional health, and working with life’s daily stresses and challenges.  Over the 8 weeks, students will be provided with a meditation practice structure to be used in  everyday life, to assist with building the ‘habit’ of meditation, developing knowledge of various meditation techniques and a strong practice that can lead to daily progress and support. Various topics and practices will be introduced including concentration, meditation for inner peace, clarity, body scans and mantras, equanimity, achieving, loving kindness, compassion, joy, impermanence, karma and the cycles of samsara – breaking up with unhealthy habits.

Series: $160

Drop-in class: $20

Agenor Cury de Castro began his meditation practice in search of mental clarity, and the ability to deal with his inner critic, to gain focus and determination. His first training began with Zen meditation. He has been studying Buddhism, the Yogic-breathing technique Pranayama, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali for a number of years, in order to find inspiration, clarity and support for his meditation practice. Looking for a pragmatic structure that could bring all of that together, he studied Shinzen Young’s Unified Mindfulness methodology with Jeff Warren and Juliana Raye.
To further his studies, he is participating in X-Hale’s Meditation Teacher Training. After 30 years as a corporate executive, his goal is to use Meditation and Mindfulness practices to assist people through personal and professional challenges and transitions.


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