Mala Making & Meditation


Join Gisele Theriault of Mindful Necessities for a special Mala making workshop. 
Mindful Necessities have gained a reputation for crafting some of the most unique, admired, high energy malas available. 
This is the first workshop Gisele has offered to assist others in mindfully crafting their own precious male – either for self, or to gift.

Bring your own gemstones/beads or purchase them directly from Gisele’s treasured assortment. 
After a meditation and sound session, create from your hands, the gemstone Mala that benefits you the most, holding your own intention, or one for another.

You will also be guided on the use of a Mala as a Centering tool, Understanding the energetic properties of different gems.

This is a workshop of focused attention, gentle breathing, intention setting, patience, love and kindness. And an opportunity to gather in a sacred, creative and loving space together.
Join us to create your own healing gem Mala.

$75. + beads (or bring your own)

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