CHOD Ceremony


Thurs May 23, 5:30-7pm ($20 suggested donation)

A Tibetan Buddhist ritual which can help to free oneself from overwhelming emotions (worry, stress, sadness), karmic obstacles, is used to ease physical & mental ailments. You simply lay down and allow the ceremony to envelope you. *Bring a blanket or mat/pillow.

The teachings of Lama Lhanang Rinpoche are simple, profound and touch the very essence of Tibetan Buddhism. Rinpoche is a Spiritual Teacher and Meditation Master in the Nyingma Longchen Nying-thig lineage. Having studied in Tibet with many great masters of different Tibetan orders, Rinpoche embodies their wisdom in his teachings about happiness and loving kindness. His is a refreshing voice in the chaos of today, focusing on how to find Happiness within. Rinpoche  is an accomplished instructor of Anu Yoga, an artist, a teacher of Feng Shui, cultural and historical studies and a skillful practitioner of Tibetan Medicine.
Born and raised in Northeastern Tibet, he is a child of the high plains of Golok, Amdo. Today, he lives in California with his wife and son and teaches extensively throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and Europe. He is often asked to speak at schools where he guides students with humor and insight.
Lama Lhanang’s approach to teaching, as well as to life, is centered on happiness. He often says:
“Happiness is not found in the material world; it is found in inner peace”.
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