CRBT with Dr. Joe Loizzo


Compassion-Based Resilience Training (6 month CBRT certification) Training with Dr. Joe Loizzo

In-Class May 3-5, (Friday 6-9pm, Sat 10-6pm, Sun 10-1pm) online monthly meetings/teachings/supervision from April till November 2019.

CBRT is a complete method of teaching the science and practice of mindfulness, compassion, vision, and
energy, to reduce stress, restore health, and cultivate lives of well-being, engagement, and purpose in
our interdependent world. The training integrates timeless techniques of contemplative healing from
India and Tibet with contemporary breakthroughs in neuroscience, positive psychology, and optimal
health. It has been offered at the University Hospitals of Columbia and Cornell. The training integrates
the benefits of mindfulness-based interventions, kindness and compassion training, life-transforming
imagery, and embodied breath-energy work.

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