Autumn Renewal Meditation Series


We have entered the period of waning and retreat, the liminal stage between life’s most exuberant expression (Summer) and its long days of quietus (Winter).  
As the days get darker, we may find the Shadow within us beginning to present itself more fully, and things may start to feel a little heavier than they did a few months ago. The energy of Fall may also call upon us to recognize and shed old thought patterns, habits and behaviours that are no longer helping us, and to ground and find balance in our lives. 
Join us for “Autumn Renewal”, 6 weeks of meditation and discussion on:
  • How we can use Autumn as a time to find balance in our lives, including developing self-care routines and boundaries to help us strengthen and prepare for the busy holiday season ahead;
  • How to stay present, grounded and compassionate with ourselves and others when we feel heavy and/or seasonal emotional lows arising within us;
  • Even as the hours of sunlight wane, how we can access the clear light within us to illuminate and transmute that which is coming up to be acknowledged, healed and integrated;
  • The importance of fostering community and connection when we feel isolated or alone, especially as we begin spending more time indoors.

Meditations and discussions will be lead by Tara Mesensky, B.A., J.D., Transformative Coach and Student Psychotherapist.

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