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Conscious Relationships

Conscious Relationships

The most powerful thing is your relationship with other beings, rather than your ability to hold your breath or to focus your mind. Richard Freeman

Monthly Couples Coaching

These monthly group sessions are for couples in committed relationships seeking healing, growth and new life in their relationship. Sessions run Thursdays 7-9pm, once a month. Learn the concepts, and practice the tools & skills necessary for sustaining your relationship.

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Weekend Urban Retreats

These weekends offer couples and individuals opportunities to delve into their attachment styles and how they have influenced their communication and behaviours in relationships. Participants delve into numerous communication styles, tools and techniques for developing and sustaining healthy, supportive relationships.


Private Coaching Sessions

Private sessions for couples of are available with Conscious Relationships Coach Charles Sue Wah Sing. These couple/individual sessions are opportunities to look more closely at the couple unit's or person's unique relationship styles and goals, and personal support and guidance is provided.

To listen also means to stay in relationship, the central challenge of our time, and this requires us to constantly minimize whatever stands between us and life.

Mark Nepo

Conscious Relationships Programs

We’re always in relationship.

Relationships are an essential aspect of our human experience. Relationships give us hope, purpose, fulfillment, and connection. Relationships embody love, trust, and compassion. It’s in the quality of our relationships we experience a life well-lived.
Most often then not, we're unconscious in these relationships and unknowingly cause pain. It is this pain we inherit from old relationships and project into new relationships. Coincidently, it is only in the relationship do we have the divine opportunity to stop the pain through healing and growing as individuals and together as couples, families, colleagues, or in community.
In the Conscious Relationships Programs we will teach, practice and encourage dialogues around what gets in the way of the one thing we’re all looking for - real deep intimate connections that help us heal and grow. This connection could look like intimacy with your life partner, bonding with a sibling or a child, or a new alliance with a colleague or close friend. It begins with healing old wounds or transgressions, revealing limiting beliefs or stories, to clear the way for new communication grounded in safety, trust and compassion.
These programs are suited for;
* Individuals looking for love
* Life partners wanting to deepen the connection
* Families seeking to reconnect
* Corporate teams needing to build trust
Couplehood Monthly Circle
These times are hard enough, you shouldn’t have to navigate couplehood alone. In this safe and supportive circle, couples like yourself can openly discuss the daily challenges that get in your way of having the love you desire. Each session you'll learn and apply skills in conscious dialoguing and mindfulness to help both of you to heal from your past and grow into deep connection. While building a community of couples who can support you in your relationship journey.
This program is open to mature couples of all gender, ethnic and religious backgrounds.
Dates/Time… I’m suggesting weekday evenings (Thursdays 6-9 PM). Fees: $50/couple

January 23, February 20, March 19, April 23, May 28

Do you feel you’re ready to move beyond the old stories and feelings that have kept you stuck for so long?

Do you want to make room for a relationship that’s more connected, joyful and fulfilling?

Once a month you will meet other couples wanting the same thing.

In each session, you will learn some fundamental skills in communication that will lead to better understanding and healing through validation and empathy, and growth through envisioning and creating the love you seek.

Couplehood & Intimacy Intensive workshops
This 2-day workshop is about renewing connection and deepening communication within your love relationship. Through discussions, journaling, meditations and live exercises you’ll develop a new understanding of yourself and why you’re in a relationship with your love partner.
In this intensive workshop, you’ll learn why we fall in love and how love works, how we relive old fears, wounds, and defenses in the relationship, how healing happens in dialogue and getting conscious in the co-creation of a lasting loving relationship. The intention is by the end of the weekend you’ll walk away with a new sense of hope, commitment, and connection with your significant other.
Relationship Coaching
Relationship coaching is a safe and confidential experience to help you achieve your personal and relationship goals. Relationship coaching is ideal for individuals looking for love, recently separated, divorced or widowed or single by choice or by other circumstance. This form of coaching can bring healing and growth for committed couples and people in family relationships. It can also be applied to working relationships by renewing trust through dialogue.
Thursdays (email to book a private session)
*Fees starting at $150/hr
All programs are open to mature individuals and couples of all gender, cultural and religious backgrounds. 

In organizations, real power and energy is generated through relationships. The patterns of relationships and the capacities to form them are more important than tasks, functions, roles and positions.

Margaret Wheatly


Charles Sue Wah Sing

Charles comes with 30 years of experience in business and entrepreneurship. He’s led a variety of teams around business strategy, digital design, marketing, customer experience, and product innovation. He’s facilitated workshops for a variety Fortune 500 clients, in the areas of healthcare, finance, digital media and in the non-profit sector. Charles is trained in a variety of programs in leadership, relationships, team dynamics, including Imago Relationship Facilitation, Co-Active Leadership Coaching, Landmark Life Curriculum, Emotional Intelligence, Neuro Linguistic Programming and much more.

To Charles, everyone is creative, resourceful and whole. And we’re hungry to realize the human we were born to be in work, at home and within. It’s his purpose to guide his clients in their own transformation so they can realize their greatest potential, purpose, and fulfillment in all areas of their lives. He’s also authored the Manifesto Project, a coaching workbook for business leaders and anyone who is seeking to find their purpose in life, at work, home and with Self. He’s a host on two podcasts about life on purpose: The Purpose Roundtable and Courageous Conversations.

"Charles brings such compassion and skill to his clients and classes. You leave feeling empowered and passionate to move forward in relationship - to self and other." 

— R.B.

"These classes gave us hope. We were running out of ways to connect, relate, share our love, and now we feel equipped with the understanding and skill to do so." 

— SI
Mother, Caregiver

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