Meditation - Movement - Wellness

We have curated a variety of classes from foundational practices in meditation, to a mindful movement, to specific mental health focused classes. Choose the type and time that suits your needs.

Here are highlights of the weekly classes...


Mindful Movement Mondays- Gentle Qi Gong life preserving movement exercises and meditations to engage the heart and mind. Learn a series of ancient techniques - including healing mantras, stretches, and meditations geared at creating balance in the physical, mental and emotional realms.

Monday Classes


Personal Practice. The space is open during the day for you to drop-in to sit and practice. Sitting in a space designed for inner work, amongst colleagues and others with similar intentions can be incredibly powerful. It can also be a respite from the business of downtown Toronto.

Thursday Classes


Foundations of Meditation - ideal for the beginner and experienced meditator who is seeking a community for practice. Learn/review a series of foundational practices that can be applied to our personal, day to day lives to deal with mental and emotional health, relationships to self and other, and for developing tools for addressing suffering.

Tuesday Classes


Meditation Practice for Recovery: Mental Health and Addiction Support. A safe, non-judgmental space to learn mindfulness tools for addiction support and associated mental and emotional health.

Friday Classes


In this deeply healing class - we combine sound, acupuncture and meditation practice. An opportunity for you to engage your nervous system, allow the sounds to gently ease the body and calm the mind. No effort. The additional acupoints aid calming the mind and rebalancing the flow of energy and vitality in the body.

Wednesday Classes


Weekends at X-Hale are reserved for our speciality workshops, Urban Retreats, guest teacher classes, monthly trainings and classes. Check out our workshop schedule for more info.

Weekend Schedule

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